Friday, 23 January 2009

Day 2 - The occupation continues - Join us!

We are still holding strong. More banners have been dropped (see photos) and leaflets have been handed out around the Union and Park Lane College.

The security say they will wait until Monday and reasess the situation. The University has come to us saying it will release a statement as soon as we leave the occupied building saying that the situation in the Middle East is indeed a tragedy and that it hopes some humanitarian and peaceful solution can be found. It will also be willing to talk about some of our other demands. 

This is not enough! The statement manages to speak whilst saying nothing at all and we have no assurances that any of the demands we have made will be met.

The occupation continues...

We will be holding a meeting at 5.30pm today on "The Crisis in Gaza: Why we are occupying and why the ceasefire is not a solution."

We will also be holding a film showing at 8pm.

The building is secure and people can come and go as they please. We urge everyone to come along and join us! We expect many more arrivals tomorrow as workers finish for the weekend and the local demonstration occurs!

Leeds Occupation


  1. keep the pressure up. i have been doing a supermarket sweep with out the host dale winton, and its very surprissing what companys help fund israel, coke cola, mcdonalds, who have recived awards fot here support from israel, have a look around the canteen, vending machines etc.

  2. Great stuff. Looks like Leeds has been much better run than Oxford where the negotiators presented something similar as a victory and recommened we end because of the university threatening that there would be tribunals (like they could afford to do that to 100 students). Sadly it was only me and the SP arguing against ending the occupation. I think we'll be going back into occupation though when people realise the uni hasn't done anything it supposedly promised....

  3. Keep up the good work

    By the way, where is Botany House?

  4. It's opposite the Clothworkers Court. Walk out of the student union, turn right and keep walking, through the green gates. Botany house is the big red-brick building to your left. We have banners up :-)

  5. Solidarity from Greece
    Any way we can help from here - other than spreading the word - let us know.
    Our thoughts, wishes and Solidarity with you
    Keep the fire of the Uprising Lit !!

  6. Hello all,

    Sorry I ran away without thanking you all for your hospitality last night, I snuck off after the march to catch a train.
    Things don't look too promising on the Bradford front I'm afraid to report, people are dropping out left, right and centre so chances are it isn't happening :( Thanks for your interest though. Good luck with the continuing occupation and I hope to see you again.


  7. Hey Judith, are you talking about a planned occupation at Bradford University? If so, please let me know because I might be able to gather some support for it from the University students.

  8. I was a technician at bristol university for 15 years and a strong trade unionist and member of the joint unions cttee. I cannot tell you how delighted I am to see students taking radical political action again. Don't let anyone tell you that you have no power. I have been on lots of gaza demos and vigils in the last few weeks. Zionism is about taking land by violence, it is a precedent for carnage.