Sunday, 25 January 2009

National Message Board for Occupations

I have set up a message board for everyone involved in or interested in the occupations. Should be easier to use than the email lists.

Check it out at:


  1. Just so you know:

    Message boards NEVER grow without the founders putting in a lot of work to start discussions on them. People going to an empty message board will not sign up. Get on there, start discussions in the general area, post news in the news area, post every occupations demands in its relevant forum. If you don't think it won't grow as it needs to.

  2. I'd like to make a point here...

    Probords is a 4 year old piece of foru software, with any bugs, and it is very easy to hack or gain access to.

    Furthermore as it is rmotely hosted, in the event of the police etc wanting info, Patrick Clinger ang Craig Suffock at Probords will give the all the info they require. This is not the case with forums run off peoples on web hosting space, as the hosting companies do not have the same rights.

    Whilst the idea is good, hosting it in such a way is a bad idea... If required, I can make one on my server for you...

    Student from Birmingham Occupation

  3. Thanks Wil, that would be great if you could do that! Drop me an email if you need more information.


  4. I've also got a vbulletin license (a paid forum software that is regarded as the best software available) and a server. I can also provide a domain (how about, that's available, or search on ).

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